GREAT NEWS! We will again be open for tours on a LIMITED BASIS. HPAI (Bird Flu) is still prevalent in the area so we will be keeping our Ambassadors safe and not having as much “one-on-one” with them, but still lots of fun and great information. We will be open to the public the last Saturday of each month, starting on January 28th, noon-4 pm (no appointment needed). We will have limited private tours (call for an appointment) as we can accomodate them. We ask that all tour guests wear clean and/or sanitized clothing, jackets and shoes for their tour. HPAI is so contagious, you could accidentally track it in from your backyard to our facility and put all our Ambassadors at risk! (It is virtually 100% fatal in birds of prey such as our hawks, owls, eagles and vultures!) We will have a foot bath of disinfectant at the gate, and will ask everyone to dip the soles of their shoes in it, so please wear waterproof footwear. Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!

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