Success Stories

Our goal is to return every animal brought to Badger Run Wildlife Rehab back into the wild. Unfortunately, that is not always possible.  We often receive animals so badly injured there is no hope for recovery and we must humanely euthanize them to release them from their pain.  Other times, despite our best efforts to treat them, our patients expire in our care.  But a lot of the time we are able to rehabilitate our intakes.   These animals are released back to the wild or if their injuries are healed, but preclude survival in the wild they may enter our Animal Ambassador education program.  Every time an animal gets returned to it’s natural habitat we rejoice.

Our “Yearly Wildlife Rehabilitation Statistics” link will take you to an overview of the animals we have taken in over the years and the outcomes.  The “Ambassadors That Returned To The Wild” link will take you to a page describing a remarkable group of animals that we originally deemed non-releasable, but went on to prove us wrong.

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