How You Can Help

We do this as a labor of love. We do not receive any funding from state or federal agencies. Our ability to continue this valuable endeavor depends solely on the generosity of individuals, like you, contributing to the cause. Without your support, we cannot continue to function.

Every donation helps. Whether it’s $1,000 to build a new enclosure, $1 to buy a mouse to feed a hungry owl, or a bag of cat or dog food to feed a growing raccoon, all your donations are priceless.

Please help us, help them, with your donation.
Thank You!

Donate safely with PayPal:

Or mail your donation to:
Badger Run Wildlife Rehab
15993 Homestead Lane
Klamath Falls, OR 97601

Share the gift of love for wildlife with Badger Run Gift Certificates!
Now you can donate any amount you choose and make the donation in the name of that someone special.
Makes a great Birthday or Christmas gift for any animal lover! When making a donation Include the name of the person on who’s behalf the donation is being made in the “Subject” or “Message” field on the PayPal payment page, or include the person’s name along with your check.
Printable gift certificate are available by clicking on the link below:
Printable Badger Run Gift Certificate

Non-Monetary Items Needed:

● Quality dog or cat food (both wet and dry)
● Rodent food (such as mouse chow or hamster food)
● Freshly killed (NO LEAD ammuniton nor poison allowed) and frozen rodents, reptiles, fish, etc. for the raptors
● Other frozen meat such as venison, elk, game birds (We do NOT accept anything shot with lead ammunition)
● Stainless steel or ceramic pet bowls
● Litter pans
● And more! If you no longer need it, ask us – we can probably use it!

As a 501(c) 3, not-for-profit corporation, all donations may be tax deductible.
Please let us know if you wish a receipt.

Liz Burton, Foundera nd Wildlife Care Manager

2 Responses to How You Can Help

  1. Frank says:

    You mention frozen meats. Are there any limitations on it? For example, ground meat, freezer burnt meat, sausage (I would assume not, since it’s seasoned), store-bought vs wild, hunting carcasses/scraps, etc.. Also, if we would like to donate meat or other things on the list, do we just drop by?

    • Laura Hale says:

      Hi, Frank! Yes, over the years we have found some things don’t get eaten. No ground meat or anything cured or seasoned. Nothing “wild” that has been shot with lead ammunition. We have limited storage space so it’s always best to call before bringing out to see if we have room & also to let us know to expect it. We are not always on site to meet someone. Thanks!

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