Summer 2021

We’ve had a record setting heat wave throughout the Pacific NW this year & Badger Run has seen unprecedented stretches of temperatures in the 90s & even hitting 100F in June & July. After years of drought conditions we also cope with wildfires in our area nearly every year. This year the huge Bootleg Fire (150,000+ acres) about 60 miles away is producing massive amounts of smoke across the area causing the air quality index to almost daily hover in the unhealthy range. We ask everyone to also be mindful of our wildlife. Wildlife is suffering from the heat wave & smoke, too. That is why it is very important that humans do their best to leave wildlife alone right now to avoid causing further stress to them. That awesome raptor you just saw land in a shady spot may be hot & tired from hunting for food in the scorching heat. Stalking it for a picture causing it to take flight again could push it just that much closer to the edge of heat exhaustion. Badger Run has cancelled tours for many days this past June & July because the heat & now the smoke are too stressful for our educational ambassadors. And these are pampered critters with daily good food, shade, water tubs, & misting systems. So you can imagine the stress for animals having to find food, water, & shelter for themselves every day in this smoke & heat.

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