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Since Badger Run Wildlife Rehab was started in 2004, we have taken in hundreds of injured, sick, and orphaned wildlife.  We are the only wildlife rehab/rescue group in the Klamath Basin.  The closest similar facilities are over 100 miles away in any direction.  In 2014, we decided the time had come to get our own X-ray capabilities on site.  Not a small undertaking given a digital X-ray machine was going to cost us nearly $20,000!  Thanks to generous donors & a Kinsman Foundation Grant we were able to buy our machine which is currently being installed.

Previously we’ve had to transport wildlife to a small animal vet clinic about 30 minutes away which put a lot of stress on the already injured wildlife. We also would pay for most X-rays and veterinary services provided at the clinic.  Due to costs we just could not afford routine X-rays for most animals and when we could X-ray we often had to rely on just a single image for diagnosis.  Another issue was that some animals required multiple radiological scans during their rehabilitation.  This further stressed the animals, incurred expense, and required our all-volunteer staff to arrange time for transports.

On site capabilities alleviate all of these issues.  We currently have a veterinarian and two certified radiology technicians serving as board members for Badger Run Wildlife Rehab.  These professionals will be volunteering their services to take and interpret radiographs taken on site here at Badger Run.

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