Sparky – Douglas Squirrel

Sparky - Douglas Squirrel

Sparky - Douglas Squirrel

A family cutting firewood in Chiloquin accidentally cut down Sparky’s nest tree. Rather than leave him there for Mom to move, they brought him home and tried to raise him, soon realizing that squirrels do not make good pets! After he began “marking his territory” all over the house and chewing all the electrical cords, they had enough and brought him to Badger Run. We worked to teach Sparky how “real” squirrels behave and to be afraid of humans. He learned that food does not come in a bowl, but that he had to work to find it hidden in his enclosure. By then, it was too close to winter to release him since he would not have time to stockpile food for the cold months. We kept him until spring, then released him back into the woods, confident that he was ready for the wild.

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