Meet Our New Wildlife Care Coordinator!

Liz Burton is Badger Run’s very first paid staff member!  This is a huge step forward in animal care for us & has been long awaited!  Liz founded Badger Run in 2004 & has served as our director & on our board ever since all while working full time at other jobs.  Badger Run has finally reached a point that we could create the part-time paid position of WILDLIFE CARE COORDINATOR.  Obviously, Liz’s resume made her more than qualified to take on this position.  This affords Badger Run a whole new level of oversight & continuity in animal care.  This part-time position gives Liz the freedom to devote the hours to Badger Run overseeing wildlife care, volunteer training, site organization, & the other dozens of things she was already trying to do while working other full-time paying jobs.  Now she can split her time & still pay her bills.  Plus Badger Run can take our standard of care up another level.

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