Liz Burton

Liz Burton - President

Liz Burton

Liz has been devoted to wildlife rehabilitation for over 30 years. Ever since at the tender age of 16 when she discovered that most veterinarians won’t touch wildlife and how much injured creatures need advocates and care givers. Her first experience in wildlife rehab was a mockingbird with a broken wing brought to her by a customer for the pet shop she was working in. Learning to bind that wing and seeing the bird fly out her front door and back into the wild ignited her passion for helping wildlife and shaped the rest of her life.

Liz holds a B.S. degree in Animal Ecology, Behavior and Evolution. She uses this to help keep the wildlife in Badger Run Wildlife Rehab’s care comfortable and in good health both physically and mentally.

Liz’s “paying job” is as a State Farm Insurance Agent  with Chris Watkins’ State Farm office which helps pay the day to day expenses.  She is also active in exotic pet rescue and educating exotic owners in the proper care of their animals

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