Dhru – American Badger

Dhru - American Badger

Dhru - American Badger

After hunters shot his mom, this little 4 week old was brought to Badger Run. Raised alone, he imprinted, meaning he had no fear of people. So, he trained as an Animal Ambassador and did a dozen presentations, delighting guests with his playfulness. As he matured, he began to react differently, not liking crowds at all. We began to “un-train” him and taught him to hunt. After 2 months, he was ready for a test. We fasted him for a few days, then put him in unfamiliar territory & had 2 very brave “strangers” approach with food. As hoped, he backed away, snarling. With that success, we felt confident in his ability to survive in the wild and he was released. We will always miss seeing his fuzzy face peeking around his den box, but we are thrilled that he is able to live his life in the wild as he should.

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