Bald Eagle Call For Help

As I write this it is just a few hours until Memorial Day here in the US so it seems only appropriate to talk about the four Bald Eagles in our Care and how they need your help.

Not too long ago we received a call from another rehabilitator who had been caring for four Bald Eagle for over 15 years. Sadly, she was contacting us to have the eagles euthanized since she could no longer care for them. Due to their injuries these eagles would not survive if released back into the wild. Acting swiftly, we obtained a temporary permit for their care, but if we do not meet the requirements for a permanent permit soon these majestic symbols of our country may still have to be euthanized. You can watch the video below for more of their story.

Permanent Permit Requirements

  1. Large Flight Pen (Complete)
  2. Public Education Center (Incomplete)
  3. Eagle Care Endowment (Incomplete)

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Video Transcript

The majestic Bald Eagle. The symbol of our country and so appropriate on this Memorial Day when we remember our fallen heroes.

At Badger Run Wildlife Rehab in Keno Oregon we’re licensed to take in eagles as well as other animals native to Oregon for rehabilitation and release back into the wild.

In October of 2010 however, we received a call from another rehabilitator who was unable to continue caring for the four Bald Eagles in her charge for over 15 years. These birds were all non-releasable due to their injuries from gunshot or collisions with vehicles.

In order to obtain our permanent permit to keep these birds we have to satisfy some requirements.

The first was having a large enough enclosure to house them. Thanks to a huge outpouring of community support we were able to complete our 120 foot flight-pen in virtually one day. So the eagles arrived.

But our second criteria is; we must have a separate facility that is open to the public for educational presentations. The public is not allowed to be around the animals that are going to be rehabilitated and released, such as these red tails.

So this is where we need your help. We do not receive any State or Federal funding and we survive only on public donations.

So please, won’t you contribute today in honor of our fallen veterans and help Badger Run Wildlife Rehab build the facility needed so that we may continue our educational efforts and continue caring for these beautiful symbols of our country so deserving of living out the rest of their time in comfort and safety here at Badger Run.


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