After about 6 months of focused fundraising Badger Run was able to purchase its very own digital X-ray machine.  The machine was installed 2/13/2015 and was put to use that very afternoon for an injured Great Horned Owl with a broken wing.  This means that we can now take as many radiographs as we need, on-site, with no delays and no stressful 30 minute road trips to a vet clinic in town.  As a result, we can now offer the injured wildlife of the Klamath Basin even better care than before.

LEO (1 of 1) Long-Eared Owl

Here’s a “patient” story that really highlights just how important this new digital X-ray equipment is for us.  On 2/15 we received an injured Long-Eared Owl with a broken wing.  We were able to immediately take an X-ray to determine the full extent of the injury.  Staff then splinted/wrapped the break and took another X-ray to check for proper bone realignment.  This next X-ray showed that the bones were not aligned.  The break would have healed, but would have resulted in a huge bone callous. This may have rendered the owl unable to fly.  A second attempt at splinting also indicated a misalignment.  But, on the third try we were able to splint the wing and VERIFY a proper alignment by radiography which gives this little owl a very good chance at a total recovery with a release back to the wild.  Without our on-site X-ray we would have had to hold the injured owl overnight (it was a Sunday), transport him 30 minutes away to a clinic with lots of dogs and cats around (increasing stress), take ONE diagnostic X-ray, splint the wing, and hope we got it right (we never could afford routine follow-up X-rays).  In this case, we know we didn’t get it right on the first try!
wrap 1 (1 of 1)wrap 3 (1 of 1)
First Splinting Attempt                     Third Splinting Attempt

So here’s a huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to this effort!  We could never have done it without YOUR support!

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8-14-11 Wildlife Picture American Badger - Dhru

Dhru – American Badger

Badger Run is sending a HUGE thank you out to all of our amazing supporters. We set an all-time record for donations in 2014. Between private donations & grant awards, Badger Run took in the most funding EVER in our 10 year history. This allowed us to purchase our digital X-ray machine & our anesthesia unit, complete our large flight pen make-over, install most of our perimeter fencing, & provide veterinary care & upkeep for our Animal Ambassadors & the sick, injured, & orphaned wildlife of the Klamath Basin. Thank you to everyone who helped us to achieve this milestone! But please, DON’T stop! We have come so far, but we still have many projects on our to-do list so that we can take better care of the wildlife in the Basin. We need new enclosures for our newest Animal Ambassadors & a few more gates to complete our perimeter/predator fencing. We need a pond area to rehabilitate water birds such as herons, egrets, & ducks. We also dream of electricity for our outlying areas which would enable us to install motion activated security lights, heated enclosures, water de-icers, & maybe even lights to facilitate an “Overnight Adventure Camp Out at Badger Run”! And someday we hope to construct an education center where we can host classes & tour groups especially during inclement weather. Thank you all for continuing to help us help THEM!

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Saturday Vet Clinic at Badger Run!

happy pet vet


Badger Run’s very own Vice President, Dr. Tawnia Shaw, has just launched The Happy Pet Vet mobile veterinary service.  Dr. Shaw will be holding a regular monthly clinic at Badger Run starting Saturday, January 10 (10am-4pm).  She will also be donating a portion of her proceeds to Badger Run as a thank you for using our location.  You can schedule appointments at 541-810-1772, but walk-ins are also welcome.  Check out the Happy Pet Vet on Facebook (  And also be sure to watch the Badger Run FB page for updates on future vet clinic dates at Badger Run.


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