Thank You for Helping Us Help Them!

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A huge thank you to our wonderful supporters! 2015 was a big year for Badger Run thanks to generous grants & private donations. We finally were able to purchase our digital X-ray & anesthesia machines! We have been able to recently purchase major surgical supplies & equipment allowing us to do more complicated & invasive surgeries on site. We are also now able to do our own testing for lead poisoning in animals. We’ll soon be improving our critical care center’s lighting & food preparation area & adding much needed storage. In 2015, we built a new 3-section enclosure for our Animal Ambassadors & have already done the grading for another enclosure to be built once the weather improves. Our top fundraising priority for 2016 will be directed at extending electricity to ALL of our animal care & holding areas so that we can provide heat & lighting throughout our facility rather than just the critical care center. All of these advancements in our standard of care have us on track to be among the best wildlife rehab facilities in Oregon. We could never have done all this without our supporters since Badger Run is funded completely through donations (public & private). We are so grateful for your support.

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A Couple of Our Current Patients

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Just two of our current in-patients at Badger Run.  Both this Barred Owl (left) & Red-tailed Hawk (right) have wing fractures.  Both are recovering nicely & we have our fingers crossed that they will be releasable.  You see our director in the left photo administering the Red-tail’s daily physical therapy.  Now that her fracture has healed the wing/joint needs to be stretched & manipulated every day so that she can have full range of motion.


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If you are interested in volunteering at Badger Run for your Senior/Capstone project, you must email us with your contact information, availability, required hours, and deadline(s). We do not have the volunteer staff to handle each of you individually, so we must be able to coordinate “work parties” where you can all contribute, help out, and complete your projects at the same time. Please submit your responses ASAP via the email link on this website.

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