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It’s been a very busy week at Badger Run. Just about every “in-patient” cage we have right now is occupied. Along with our resident educational animal ambassadors we have a juvenile American Kestrel with an eye injury, a raven with head trauma, a raven with a wing injury, another juvenile raven that someone tried to illegally raise as a pet, a Red-tailed Hawk with an eye injury, a juvenile Bald Eagle with a wing injury, some baby swallows, & now these 2 new owl patients.
baowcrop081615 (1 of 1)

This Barn Owl came into Badger Run this weekend following a harrowing encounter with a barbed wire fence.  It sustained severe soft tissue trauma & was suffering from dehydration & exhaustion when admitted.  Luckily though, no fractures were found when we X-rayed.

ggo (1 of 1)

The same day we also received a very rare patient, a Great Grey Owl.  Only the 2nd ever taken in at Badger Run in all these years.  It’s injury, however, is not a rarity.  It had been hit by a car, the #1 injury we see in birds of prey.  It has a fractured wrist which we have successfully splinted.  Both birds will continue to receive fluids, medication, & proper nutrition.  We’ll do our best for them & hope that our efforts combined with rest & time will lead to a good outcome.

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Baby Barn Owls Everywhere!

baow a baow b baow c

Here’s one of those success stories that just makes your whole summer. These 7 little guys were found nesting in hay bales (yes, this is common). Theirs is a very interesting tale indeed. About a week ago these babies were accidentally shipped from Merrill, Oregon to Arcada,California (300 miles away) on a hay truck. Given the sizes & the number of babies we’re guessing 2 separate nests were trucked off down the interstate. When they were discovered at the California destination the owlets were turned over to a local wildlife rehab group down there. That group then called Badger Run. On Tuesday, volunteer, Jen W., met the other rehab folks half-way in Redding, CA (150 miles away) to pick these cuties up. Thanks to the very helpful Merrill farmer, the 4 larger owlets were placed back in the barn from where they were originally taken & lo & behold, Wednesday morning their new “nest” was filled with freshly killed field mice! Mom & Dad had found them & taken them back in even after they’d been gone 5-6 days! The other 3 owlets were put back in that same Thursday morning & Mom will now have her talons full raising SEVEN babies. A baby Barn Owl eats roughly its own weight in food every night! So to save the poor parents from total exhaustion we’ll be supplementing their hunting with extra mice that we’ll be purchasing for them. If anyone is interested in helping out please visit our PayPal donation site on this website.  Remember, $1 BUYS A MOUSE!

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Update on American White Pelican (see Apr 14 post)

Excellent news!  The pelican that was literally shot from the air with a slingshot by a minor has made a full recovery!  If you check out our earlier post from April 14 you can see his story & the X-ray of his fractured wing.  So happy to see this guy released back into the wild where he belongs.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to release him back to the original pond he was rescued from because it has since been drained.  But we were able to relocate him to a nearby river with an existing White Pelican population.

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