Our Little Mystery Bird

wood peewee    A week or so ago we were brought a “mystery” baby bird.  The nest had been destroyed & its 3 siblings were dead.  Mom & Dad were not to be found.  So our baby bird specialist, Jen, took in the little orphan to raise & eventually release, but none of us could figure out what kind of bird it was.  Finally, the mystery has been solved.  Our foundling is a Western Wood-Pewee.  Wood-Pewees are medium sized flycatchers. Although these birds are considered common during breeding season throughout the open forests & riparian zones of the western United States, we haven’t encountered one around Klamath Falls.  Populations have been experiencing a slow, steady decline possibly due to habitat destruction in their winter range (tropical forests of South America).  The little guy is doing well so with luck he’ll be ready to release so he can head south later this year.

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Injured Bird Care

Injured Bird Care2_Page_01

Here’s some helpful info on what to do if you find an injured bird.  Good advice on baby birds, as well.  Just click on the following link:  Injured Bird Care

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Thank You Klamath Basin Audubon Society!

TUVU xrayWOOOOO-HOOOOO! HUGE THANKS to the Klamath Basin Audubon Society!!! They came through with a $2,000 grant for our x-ray machine! That brings us up to over $4,000 toward our goal of $22,000. This is a MUCH needed piece of equipment! Currently, the cost of x-rays at a vet hospital, the stress on the animal to crate it and drive it 30 minutes into town, the barking dogs at the hospital, the volunteer time needed for transport, etc., often prevent us from taking x-rays when we could really benefit from that diagnostic tool and improve our ability to treat injured wildlife. Having our own machine will allow us to x-ray more injured birds and animals, take repeat x-rays to ensure proper splinting and healing of broken bones, and help identify victims of gun shot wounds (like the Turkey Vulture shown here with multiple pellets visible on x-ray, but no wounds showing). PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN! Every donation counts! You can donate at www.indiegogo.com (search for Badger Run Wildlife Rehab), via PayPal on our website at www.BadgerRun.org, or you can mail donations to Badger Run Wildlife Rehab, 15993 Homestead Lane, Klamath Falls, OR 97601.  THANK YOU KBAS and THANK YOU to all who donate!


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