Update on American White Pelican (see Apr 14 post)

Excellent news!  The pelican that was literally shot from the air with a slingshot by a minor has made a full recovery!  If you check out our earlier post from April 14 you can see his story & the X-ray of his fractured wing.  So happy to see this guy released back into the wild where he belongs.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to release him back to the original pond he was rescued from because it has since been drained.  But we were able to relocate him to a nearby river with an existing White Pelican population.

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Dexter’s Debut!

dexter2 (1 of 1) dexter3 (1 of 1)

Badger Run was invited to participate in the Pacific City Birding & Blues Festival held last weekend (http://www.birdingandblues.org/). What a wonderful festival!  Seven of our Animal Ambassadors traveled with us for the presentations & also took in some sunshine & sea breezes.  Our Turkey Vulture, Dexter, made his debut as an educational ambassador & absolutely dazzled in his new job.  Acted like an old pro.  Badger Run President, Liz Burton, presented her very entertaining & educational vulture lecture, Why I Like Bald Guys.  Check it out!

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This last weekend Badger Run received a call from a good samaritan who witnessed a White Pelican literally drop from the sky after a juvenile injured it with a slingshot. Badger Run volunteers spent about 4 hours wading thru murky water filled with reeds & sinkholes to rescue this bird. The bird is in good health, but sustained a broken wing. The pellet the kid used to shoot the poor bird is lodged in the bone & cannot be removed, but provided the bird will eat in captivity, we’re hoping for a full recovery. Here are some pictures of our volunteers anesthetizing the bird, the X-ray, & applying the splint.

Parents, please educate your children in what NOT to do with slingshots, pellet guns, & firearms they may be given at a young age.  This young man & his family now face fines & even possible jail time.  Harming a migratory bird is a violation of the 1918 federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
Pelican, masking downxray


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